Quality: Product Care


In order to ensure your continued enjoyment of the beautiful furniture that you have chosen, it is important that you are aware of the basic steps to be followed in caring for it.

The following are important facts to be aware of:

  1. Constant exposure to sunlight, fluorescent or ultra-violet lighting can cause fading and discoloration of wood finishes, consequently, whenever possible your furniture should be positioned in order to minimize direct sunlight or window coverings should be used to reduce the extent of exposure.
  2. Changes in relative humidity have a serious impact on wood finishes. Moisture causes expansion and contraction of wood which may result in the separation of joints, warping and splitting. In some cases changes in humidity may result in damage to the surface finishes. It is strongly recommended that your house be maintained at a steady temperature and, in geographic areas of variable humidity, use of humidity control equipment is strongly advised.
  3. Surface finishes should be cared for by the use of coasters, place mats or protective pads under lamps, accessories, dishes, etc. Liquid spills should be immediately dried off to eliminate finish bubbling or discoloration. To clean your wood furniture it is recommended that you use a damp, clean cloth. Oil based and direct spray polishes often result in a waxy, opaque surface build up and are not recommended.
  4. Brass or plated metal surfaces will tarnish if cleaned with ammonia based cleaning solvents. Cleaning with a soft, dry dusting cloth only is strongly advised. Stubborn marks may be removed with a slightly dampened cloth followed by drying with a soft dry cloth. When cleaning tables with glass tops or shelves it is recommended that, where possible, the glass be removed from the table for cleaning. Alternatively to avoid overspray, apply the cleaning solvent to a paper towel rather than directly on to the glass. Wipe the glass carefully with the paper towel, avoiding contact with the plated metal frame.
  5. Natural stone surfaces such as slate, marble or granite will have variations in colour and, in the case of slate, texture. These variations are inherent and are part of the natural beauty and character or these surfaces. Liquid spills should be mopped up immediately in order to avoid permanent staining. Cleaning with a slightly damp, soft cloth should be sufficient under normal use. Due to the stratified nature of slate some surface flaking may occur. Heavy objects placed on the surface may cause damage.

Observance of the cautionary points raised above should ensure long lasting enjoyment of your new furniture.