Quality Construction

Construction: All About Quality

Outlined below are some of the key aspects of the manufacturing process of our domestically produced metal table collections:

  1. Welded frame construction.
    In the manufacturing of our tables only top grade hot and cold rolled steel bars and 16 Guage tubing is used. All frames are fully-welded in jigs to ensure consistent quality and completely rigid construction. This eliminates the instability caused by loosening which is a feature of screwed-together tables.
  2. Oven-baked, electrostatically-applied powder paint base coat.
    Each frame is thoroughly cleaned before painting by immersion in a phosphate solution to remove all grease, rust etc. and then receives a base-coat paint finish of electrostatically-applied powder which is baked at 420 degrees F.
  3. Hand-applied, acrylic lacquer paint finish coat and highlights.
    Each table receives a final stage finish that is hand applied, giving individual random character to each piece.
  4. Packaging.
    Great care is taken in packaging each item to ensure safe delivery to the customer. Each table frame is individually bagged in a plastic bag and then packed in a 200 test double-wall corrugated carton. All 10mm and 12mm overhang glass is individually packed in a specifically designed 200 test double wall glass pack which is sufficient to withstand rough handling in transit. Inset glass is packed in 175 test single wall corrugated sleeves that then goes into the frame carton. Where applicable, wood tops and frames are wrapped in polyfoam and stretch film and enclosed in a corrugated sleeve which is inserted into the frame carton. All hardware and instructions are enclosed in an envelope and attached to the table frame.