General Policies

Thank you for choosing Artage International Inc. as your table supplier. To ensure an orderly relationship between our businesses, please note the General Policies by which we operate.


Terms of Sale are Net 30 days from the invoice date on approved credit, F.O.B. factory, to authorized stocking dealers. No deviations from these terms can be granted unless the dealer has prior approval from the Artage Credit Department.


All orders must be in writing and can be e-mailed or faxed. Verbal orders will not be accepted.
Orders should clearly identify the style item number and description as per the printed price list, the required finish, the order quantity and, where applicable, the “tag name”.
Changes and cancellations must be submitted in writing.


Orders are shipped by common carrier F.O.B. our factory in Concord.
Customers should notify Artage in writing regarding their carrier of choice, failure to do so will result in Artage making the selection on behalf of the customer without liability.
Our products are packaged to meet and exceed industry standards. Accordingly, it is the customer’s responsibility to immediately inspect all shipments and notify Artage in writing of any manufacturing defects within
14 days from date of shipment.
Upon receipt of goods, any transport damage or shortages should be noted on the carrier’s waybill. All claims for transport damage and shortages should then be taken up directly with the carrier.
Artage International takes no responsibility for hidden damage that may have resulted from careless handling in transit or warehousing.
Orders for replacement of goods damaged in transit should be clearly marked with the carrier’s claim number.

Manufacturing Defects

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are subject to stringent inspection before leaving the manufacturing premises. On occasion, some products may pass inspection and defects will be missed or, occasionally, shipping errors will occur. On such occasions, we require notice in writing within 14 days of shipment. In order to determine the steps to be taken to deal with defects, the written notice should include:

  1. the number of the invoice on which the goods were billed
  2. the style item number and full description
  3. a clear description and a digital image of the exact nature of the defect
  4. an estimate of the cost of local repairs

Upon receipt of this defect notice Artage may take one of the following steps:

  1. request inspection by our sales representative
  2. approve local repair at a specified dollar amount
  3. issue a return authorization number to return the item to the factory for inspection on a “freight prepaid” basis

Note: Merchandise is not returnable to the factory without prior authorization. To return product, all documentation must quote the return authorization number. Merchandise will be refused if return authorization is not documented. Merchandise will be refused if not properly packed in the original carton or a replacement of equal quality and strength.


Chargebacks are strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing from Artage International Inc. Head Office. Any deductions of this nature from payments to Artage International will be treated as short payments and will affect our credit approval of unshipped orders.


Please note that our products are made from natural materials that have inherent imperfections that cannot always be eliminated. Wood grains are variable, metal surfaces are uneven and glass may contain inclusions. Slate and granite tops have unique characteristics in colour and stratification. In particular, slate has an uneven surface and random colour which gives natural beauty to the table. Artage International strives to eliminate imperfections within the limits of the materials used and the price point of particular style items. Where differences of opinion about the acceptability of product quality occur, we will endeavor to adopt a fair and reasonable approach to our customers and will be guided in this by our area sales representative. However, our sales representatives may not obligate or bind the company by definite agreement. Final disposition of all claims will be made by Artage International Inc. Head Office.


Actual product may vary in colour from the photographs in this catalogue due to printing limitations.